We are the Conaway Family, Everett, Marcy, Kenedie and Hope. We have been serving in foreign missions since April of 2004. Our first assignment took us to Sucua, Ecuador, a very small town eleven hours south of the capital, Quito. While there, we served in a wide range of ministries from pastoring the youth group we founded, medical, construction, discipleship, teaching, music ministry and much more.

At the end of our term in Ecuador, we felt God leading us in one specific direction to minister- compassion ministry. As we came back to the states in 2008 for our time of furlough, God opened a door and began to unfold his plan for how he would use us in this ministry. We accepted, with complete certainty, the call to follow God to Mendoza, Argentina to assist with the ministry of a children’s home.

This ministry has allowed us to reach out to children and youth who have been abandoned and abused and give them hope. Marcy has been sharing her gift of teaching through remedial work with the children at Quinta Betel and Everett has been teaching music and leading praise and worship. We also assist in many other areas at Quinta Betel such as administration and the day to day care and needs of the children and management of the homes and property. Our daughters are equally involved and excited about this ministry. They share much love and joy with their friends here at Quinta Betel by just laughing and playing together. Quinta Betel has been an answer for our whole family and we are thriving where we have been planted.

As we look back over the journey through Ecuador and Argentina we are amazed to see how it is all connected. Although our travels form a squiggly line on a map they form a straight line in God's will. As of January of 2014 those travels and trusting in Him have led us to Clinton, SC where we are serving as Family Teacher (House Parents) at Thornwell Home for Children. We live and work with 6 toddlers ranging from 2 years of age to 6. We are excited about this new chapter of life that God has led us to. You can get a glimpse into our life at Thornwell and see pictures of the kids from Stewart Cottage by clicking here or on the facebook button below.

God bless,

Everett, Marcy, Kenedie, and Hope