Project 4.5.1 -Phase 2

*May 2015*

Since before we began to pray about and plan for the new home at Quinta Betel the question has been asked, "Will we be able to find someone to come and work here?" Well I am happy to report that the answer is "no." What?!?! Well before I explain what I mean, let me give a bit of a back story. We broke ground on this house in September of 2013. Little did we know that as we started this project another project had begun. There is a family that has attended the same church with everyone from Quinta Betel for a few years. This family had fostered children for a time, but these children were eventually adopted by a family, which is good, but it left a gap in the hearts of these folks. During this process they began to have a vision for starting a children's home. They spent much time in prayer and reflection concerning this desire. Meanwhile Mario and Marta were praying about a family to join the ministry of Quinta Betel. Marta felt that she should give this family a call, but kept pushing off the call feeling that the time wasn't quite right. Before she was able to call them, they contacted her and began to ask if there was any way to be involved at QB. They were invited over and fell in love with everything that they saw and experienced. They are currently praying about moving their family to Quinta Betel to join the group of folks that are dedicating their lives to the kids in their care. Please join all of us in prayer for this family and for all of Quinta Betel. You see, we can't do it, but that does not mean that it can't be done. We serve a big God that moves and acts in ways that are more than we can even imagine!

*March 2015*

Mario, the director of Quinta Betel, called this weekend to tell me that the whole house has been tiled, the bathroom has stall walls, the plumbing is finished, and they have brought gas from the road to the house!! It won't be long until it will be ready for inhabitants. Keep praying and stay tuned for pictures.

*February 2015*

Thank you is not sufficient to express our gratitude to everyone that went, prayed, and gave to push us on toward the completion of this home in Argentina. We were there for only a week and were able to build the interior walls, install all of the wiring and prepare the plumbing. Since we have been gone the interior doors have been hung and the tile has been laid throughout the house. Click on the photo below to see pictures from this trip.

*June 2014*

Here is the latest picture of the house with widows and doors!

*April 2014*

Although the name doesn't make that much sense anymore we are keeping it anyway. Join us in January or 2015 as we host a team to return to Mendoza, Argentina to work toward the completion of this home. The walls are up the roof is on the windows are installed, but there is work to be done. We will be working on the interior walls to divide bedrooms and we will put up a fence for much needed security. Please pray for us that we would have the personnel and finances to get this house to the place where children can begin to live there.

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