Our Latest Newsletter December 2015
As this year comes to a close we have embraced, loved, and nurtured 20 children now in foster care during our 2 years of ministry at Thornwell. It does not get any easier to let them go as time goes on. It can actually be quite heartbreaking to let them go into adoption or another placement. It is quite painful and nerve racking when we do not like the situation we have to let them go back into. But this I know... read more
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What is World Hope Outreach?

World Hope Outreach is an independent interdenominational missions organization based in Florida.

What do we do?

Currently our main focus is to raise awareness and support for a children’s home named Quinta Betel in Mendoza, Argentina.

What is Quinta Betel?

The ministry of Quinta Betel provides a home for displaced children. These children have been removed from their homes due to neglect, abuse, or abandonment. We provide them with a family environment full of love and caring where they can heal from past experiences and know that they are loved. For more information about Quinta Betel, click on the logo below.

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